Hacker Wars: Kypertech vs HashOcean

After a popular cloud mining company by the name of HashOcean disappeared with 700,000 users' investments, a team by the name of Kypertech was quick to track and report a couple of the HashOcean team members.

Kypertech describes their mission as "... to unite against the common enemy of fraud on the BLOCKCHAIN."

After hearing numerous reports from Kypertech, including that they were being bribed and threatened by the HashOcean team, it now appears that Kypertech now no longer has a Twitter page.

In addition to Kypertech's recent disappearance on Twitter, HashOcean is advertising for a new platform with new partners. I'm going to do you a favor and not link that website.

Only time will tell what happens to the Kypertech team.

At this point HashOcean is only publically communicating with members to coordinate refunds. Their reasoning for this is because their website, phone, and email are offline. According to HashOcean, their company has been hacked and no longer has access to their old domains. Thanks to Kypertech, we know that this statement by HashOcean is not true.

Stay away from HashOcean!

UPDATE (7/11/2016):

The Twitter account @DunnAndCowan recently posted two announcements about the incident.

"KYPERTECH was forced to go offline due to legal obligations about #hashocean. We will give info regarding the situation."


Something else to note here is that @DunnAndCowan does not have any other social media accounts or a functioning website.

Here's a screenshot of the Tweets:

More to come?

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