Hello World!

Hello and welcome to the personal blog of Andy Beckmann, a freelance web developer and graphic designer from Portland, Maine.

Generally speaking, "Hello world!" is displayed on a computer screen when a programmer has learned a new programming language and wishes to test what they have learned.

Therefore, this post is my test of my new blog system. So, Hello world!

Why do I do this? What will I blog about?

Though there will certainly be elements of graphic design, computer programming, and web technologies in these posts, I expect to focus more on the relevant and controversial concepts within the information technology and digital media environments.

My mission

This website is my identity and my brand. The intention of this blog is to share information and technical tutorials involving computing, design, and the intersection of the two concepts. The goal is to help others avoid mistakes and pitfalls that have consumed my time in the past while also sharing new trends in the computer industry.

Is there an error, or incorrect information in this post? Let me know!