My new favorite Sublime Text theme

I had used the Fox theme in Sublime Text for the past few years, and recently came across Material Theme. After I tried it out I couldn't stop making other tools in my workflow match the theme. Here's what that looked like:

A blank canvas

This is Material Theme without any open files:

My desktop

I was already using a dark gray background, so I changed the color to match the theme exactly.

My terminal

Same thing with my terminal. After the first two, it was clear I needed to make my terminal fit in:

Sublime Text

Here is what Material Theme looks like with a project open.

First impressions

I really like the theme and how minimal it is. The comments seem a little too dark, but I realized that makes the code stand out more instead of getting lost in large blocks of comments. I think the trade off of less readable comments for cleaner and clearer looking code is worth it here.

Below are instructions for installing Minimal Theme in Sublime Text 3:


  1. Install Material Theme by pressing CMD+Shift+P and selecting Install Package.

  2. Search for the name Material Theme and hit enter.

  3. Once Material Theme has installed, press CMD+Shift+P again and type "Material Activate" and hit enter. This will activate the theme.


The code is also available on

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