New Core Web Vitals interface in Chrome 90

Google recently released version 90 of it's Chrome browser, and included in the update is a long awaited feature for displaying Core Web Vitals data using Dev Tools.

Displaying live Core Web Vitals

Up to this point, the easiest way to access these metrics for a live page was to install a Chrome Extension called Web Vitals.

What follows are instructions for toggling this new feature in Dev Tools.


  1. Begin by navigating trough View > Developer > Developers, or right click and select "Inspect" on any live Chrome page.

  2. Click the three dot Customize button, then select "Run command" from the menu.

  3. Type "Show Rendering" and press your enter key.

  4. Check off the "Core Web Vitals" option

  5. Review Core Web Vitals information in the top right of the inspected page.

This feature will need to be reset each time you open Dev Tools.

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