Enhance your Google Business profile

What does a bad Google Business profile look like? Here's a good example:


It's missing important information like business hours, reviews, and overall looks bland.


Adding things like a better photo, business logo, hours, description, reviews, and additional photos will fill out your profile and generally be more helpful to potential customers. Here's what that looks like:


There are a few elements to a Google Business profile that are critical to standing out. These are:

  • Interesting and appropriate profile photo
  • Recently updated business logo
  • Accurate business hours
  • Business description
  • Business location (if applicable)
  • Multiple areas of service (if applicable)
  • Customer questions
  • Phone number(s)
  • Business reviews
  • Additional business photos

Once your Google Business profile has been setup, you can use it to enhance your Bing Places profile easily by synchronizing the accounts.

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